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English in Action has been delivering English courses for 20 years to over 400 students in 20 different countries. It is the only provider of in-school English courses to have gained accreditation by EAQUALS (European Association of Quality Language Services).


The English in Action week is a cost-effective alternative to study overseas and provides an opportunity for the child to gain fluency, confidence and motivation to speak English.

The course:

... provides immersion in English language and British culture.

... is taught by qualified native-speaker English teachers who are from the UK.

... consists of intensive English classes for 6 lessons a day.

... includes fun learning activities, discussions, quizzes, presentations, project work and drama.

... includes a workbook, folder and pen for each pupil.

... includes an end-of-course-show. Parents will be invited to watch their children perform some English songs and sketches.

... includes an end-of-course-certificate for each pupil.


This is what students said about English in Action after the week:

On the first day we played lots of games and learned a lot of English. The first game was called “Simon says“. In the second lesson we created a page in our new English in Action book and made a very difficult game. The name of the play was “Person”. In this game we had to write a little text about ourselves. And then we read it out loud to the class. In the third lesson we began to practice our sketch for Friday. In lesson four learned about adverbs. Afterwards we created a poster for Friday. My English in Action teachers were Sonja, Caleb and David. Sonja was a really good teacher and she was very funny. David was a really good teacher as well and he made a good sketch with us. I liked the teachers and the games. What I didn’t like was that sometimes it was too loud. During the sketch on Friday I was really nervous because I had an embarrassing part to play. But the entire sketch was very cool. It was a great week.
(Alina Hollerer, 2b)


English in Action began on a Monday. I went to school. But in my classroom were the children from 2c. and 2a. Then my friends came and explained to me what happened. So my group was in another room. The classes were mixed, because then we would learn from other pupils. So I sat on a chair next to my best friend and then I cleaned the board. The lesson started and a woman from England came into the classroom. Her name was Christina or Chris. With her we made a project. Anton, Jakob and I were in one group. Together we made a ski-quiz. I didn’t like this project because it was a little bit boring. In the next lesson a big man came into the classroom and shouted “hello!”. He was so funny. All the lessons with him were funny. His name was Liam. With him we made a show; it was so funny with Liam. On Friday it was show time and all the parents came to see us. I was really nervous but also excited. I played a boy in this show and Jakob played my brother. After the show I went home with my parents.
(Oscar Droschl, 2b)

I’m going to tell you something about my English in Action week. It was very interesting and made a lot of fun. It was really awesome. We played lots of games and we enjoyed talking English with the Natives. I had three teachers: Caleb, David and Sonja. We did a board game with Sonja and a sketch with Caleb. I have to say that I wasn’t nervous during the sketch, but I was excited! I really liked the English in Action week.
(Robert Baftiaj, 2b)

During my English in Action week we had a lot of English. We did a show and made a project. Atha, Lisa, Lea and I made a project about “The scary bread”. It was a comic about a bread, in fact about a toast. We made the project with Liam and the show with Chris. Liam and Chris were our teachers. Our show was about a “New year party”. I played a waitress. The guests were Putin (played by Sandro), Obama (Collins), Queen Elizabeth (Isabell), Bibi and Tina (Johanna and Leattia), Hanni and Nanni (Lea and Atha) etc. I was a little bit nervous during the sketch, but I was also happy. The other sketches were also very funny. This week we had a lot of fun. The funniest moment was when I taught Liam, my teacher, a new German word: “Schmetterlingsminute”. Liam said this word very often. He was a funny teacher and he said that he was Liam from the band “One Direction”. In one lesson he even played a song. I really liked this week because it was so funny and I spoke a lot of English. I hope I can speak more English now.
(Valentina Lohr, 2b)


The English in Action week was very funny and cool. We were only speaking English. We tried to speak English but it wasn’t easy. We did something in the book and made a sketch. At the end of the week we performed the sketch. I had two teachers; their names were Liam and Christina. They were very nice and I liked them. I liked doing something in the book. It was very funny but also difficult to talk only English. We also did a project in groups. We could do a board game or a presentation. Almost all groups did a board game. But I was in a group with two other boys and we decided to do a presentation. We did a presentation about Franck Ribery and that was really great.  During the sketch on Friday I was a little bit nervous, but the other students in class were also nervous. I almost forgot my text but then I remembered it. During the sketch I looked into the audience and saw many parents and children. I was a little bit nervous but it was really funny on stage. I love to be on stage or to sing. I will never forget this week.
(Collins Edosa Ehiogie, 2b)


At school we had an English project and the name of this project was: English in Action. It was very funny because we only spoke English. It began on Monday and in the first lesson we had a teacher who’s name was Caleb. He was very nice.  We also got an English book. In the next lesson we had David and he was a funny teacher because he made a lot of jokes. We played games and we worked in groups. In the third lesson we had Sonja and she was so nice and friendly. We played games too and she told us about her life. In the fourth lesson we had Caleb again and then afterwards with David we made a project. I worked with Anna and Leonie on a project about the frog king. We took lots of pictures and made a poster. We worked hard for that. In the sixth lesson we worked on a show. The sketch was about five gangsters who tried to kidnap the Queen. We performed the show on Friday and showed it to our parents. At the end of the play the applause was very loud. The week was so funny and it made me happy!
(Sophia Malleg, 2b)



Last week we had a week called “English in Action”. The whole week we only had English with Native speakers. My group had three teachers. Their names were Sonja, Caleb and David. We played games, wrote stories, learned grammar rules and draw pictures. Always one hour during the day we did a project in groups. We chose a theme and made a poster. My group chose “The Lord of the Rings” as a theme. I printed the pictures for our poster. We did the project with Caleb. In the next lesson we prepared for our sketch with David. We did a funny talent show and I was a magician. I had did a trick: first, my assistant took one of my playing cards. He didn’t tell me his card. Then I said that it was the ace of heart. That was right. But then I dropped my cards and all of them were aces of heart. At the end of the talent show the winner was the cleaner. Other talents were dancers, a hypnotist and a dog trainer. On the last day we gave our project to the other group and in the last lesson we presented our sketches. During the sketch I wasn’t very nervous, because I knew my text very well. We were the second group to perform the sketch. The sketches were really funny. I liked the English in Action week.
(Jonathan Manke, 2b)

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